I help people transform. 


I help people and organizations get things done. Perhaps you don't know your direction or maybe you do and don't know how to start. Maybe you know where you are going but you are stuck or are afraid. 

I have spoken to audiences around the world on topics of leadership, authenticity, communication, and productivity. I also host special events and workshops that are all designed to help you get unstuck and move forward. 

A few things I have done that I am kinda proud of (Humble Brag Alert!) 

  • Raised Millions of dollars for a variety of startups 
  • Opened for Damon Wayans at the Westside Comedy Club 
  • Spoke at a Ted Woman's Event 
  • Was featured in Fast Company Magazine next to some of my idols 
  • Worked on a project with the team behind Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande 
  • Was a TV host at Fashion Week 
  • Traveled to over 36 countries, next up Argentina 
  • Managed a number of self sustaining side incomes 
  • Was part of the Winning Team at the World Championships of BBQ

I work with both individuals and companies in helping them achieve their goals. If you are ready to take the leap to the next very best version of yourself, please reach out for a free 20 minute consultation!