We Are Going To MAKE Camp!


Location: Idyllwild, CA

Cost: $300 

Dates: Feb 18, 2017 - Feb 20, 2017

Ladies, we are going to MAKE camp. MAKE camp is all about unleashing your creativity, connecting with like spirits, and getting rid of any bad juju holding you back. Over three days, a group of women will all descend onto the camp grounds to finish a creative project of their own choosing. Each participant will be asked to pick a self directed project that can be completed ( or you can make serious traction towards) during the duration of the camp. A book chapter, a web episode, a script revision, a yoga course, a cross stitch. It can be anything of your choosing as long as you are making it. 

We will be supporting all of those creative energy by serving each other in this creative fellowship,so if you can cook a meal for the group, teach yoga, lead a meditation you will have the opportunities to share your talent. 

Everything will be provided, food, lodging, and all group activities. Any specialised supplies that you need will need to be brought by you. 

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