Disrupting Wellness


Plants Not Pills

I believe that plants heals. I also think that plants have a PR problem, especially Weed, Ganja, Pot, the Merry Jane, and Mairjuana. I am on a mission to fix that. That in our crazy modern society, often time the best answer is back to basics. Plants are the answers. Eating more plants, beautifying with more plants and medicating with more plants is our path forward. 


I specialize in strategy, branding, and consumer behavior in wellness, beauty, and lifestyle categories. I oversee all of the marketing efforts for the leading Cannabis topical + tincture brand in California building out a million dollar brand in the first 12 months of my tenure. 


I have written about the wellness benefits of Cannabis/Hemp in a number of publications such as Nylon Magazine and On Fitness. I also am the coauthor of the Crisis communication guide for Cannabis Professionals. Given the regulations and  Download your free guide here. 


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