Speaking Programs

I gave my first speech to a public audience when I was 13 and have not stopped since. My style is humorous, well-researched, engaging. In addition, to speaking, I have performed at a wide variety of comedy clubs and stages including the world famous Comedy Store, Ice House and Flappers Comedy Club. I have also been a featured storyteller at the Moth.  Over the years, I have developed my signature programs but I can work with organizations to cover a wide variety of topics including authenticity, communication, productivity, and happiness.

Any of the Signature Programs can be modified to meet your needs. Additional topics are available, upon request.


Failure FEast - A Storytelling + Food Presentation

A signature event, Failure Feast is one part supper club + one part Ted Talk. The event features storytellers and performers who share their stories of overcoming failure. The event includes a prepared meal from a top local chef, a signature drink, and great networking with other like minded professionals. The event ends with an open mic to give the attendees an opportunity to share their story. We also will do a toast celebrating how we crush failure! This event can be customized for a variety of audiences and organizations.  #failforward.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Share your story in a safe and supportive environment
  • Connect with other professionals and creatives
  • Embrace facing your fears and learn the tools to get unstuck with future endeavors
  • Set an intention with a group of like minded people ready to support you

Only One In The Room: A Multicultural Approach to Work 

No matter who we are sometimes we feel like we are outsiders. We may be the only one in the room who look like us, think like us, or feel like us. This is a unique spin on traditional diversity talks, and focuses on how to stand up vs, stand out. This lecture also talks about how to thrive and not just survive when we are the "other". 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to Find Your Tribe 
  • Develop Your Own Authentic Leadership Style
  • Build Your Own  Personal Advisory Board 
  • Set and Achieve Your Goals

Do You! Find YouR Authentic LEadership Style +BRand

Despite living in the age of the #selfie, it is still hard to be our authentic selves in the workplace. This workshop evaluates your personal communication and leadership style and uses those attributes as inputs into your work brand. Additionally, we talk about what type of legacy you want to leave at your workplace, even if you have only been there for 6 months. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Discover your leadership style 
  • Perfect your elevator pitch 
  • Learn how to be authentically you at work 
  • Thrive, don't just survive at work 
She is a powerhouse! She kept me entertained from the minute she walked onstage. He talk was not only informational but also actionable.
— Oswaldo Maxwell, Coca Cola